About the Author

I am originally from Florida, but I’ve lived in several locations in the United States and abroad. I’m a wife and mother of two, a retired Marine Corps Master Sergeant, and a Project Manager in the Defense Industry. I earned a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing, and have several stories in various stages of progress. I hope to write full-time one day, but for now, I write in the spare, quiet moments of my life.

I wrote and published Model Marine to reveal the courage and sacrifices of Marines and their families. I wanted to offer people another kind of hero: someone who is not supernatural, immortal, or from the future. Although the events of this story are fiction, the setting and characters are influenced by my experiences as a Marine. The narrative is as authentic as it can be without excluding civilian readers. The book spotlights the sacrifices all Marines and their families make in service to our country. However, the protagonist is a female Marine named Molly Monroe, named after a Marine Corps icon, “Molly Marine.” This is especially relevant now, as 2018 marks 100 years since the first woman joined the United States Marine Corps.

I hope all readers will enjoy this emotional journey of love, loss, and sacrifice. There are real heroes hidden within the pages of my debut novel. I invite you to meet them, love them, and remember them.